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About Fire Pixel

Fire Pixel was founded in 1999 as Moon Web Design. In 2007 Moon Web Design identified the need for website marketing and became Fire Pixel. Two years later, the observation was realized that local businesses were struggling with managing technology, infrastructure, website and email. Fire Pixel provides all of these services available under one roof, our clients no longer need to serve as liaisons for their IT support and website service providers.

Fire Pixel is made up of two parts, Technology and Website Development; this provides our clients with one solution for all things technology. We coordinate and execute plans to develop the infrastructure needed to run and grow your business. Our IT team is qualified to quickly troubleshoot and fulfill your IT needs, monitor your assets and ensure your business technology is running at optimal levels. Our Website Development team can manage your website design project, website updates, website hosting, email hosting, domain registration & website marketing.

Technology Services

Fire Pixel assists local businesses in managing and scaling infrastructure while effectively reducing costs. IT is the nerve center of every business, Fire Pixel is an excellent total IT management solution for businesses with 5 to 100 computers. Our progressive solutions enable companies to grow by providing the knowledge and expertise to make the right choices at the right cost and at the right time.

Our Technology Services encompass four tiers:

  • Build, support and monitoring for workstations & servers
  • Infrastructure scaling and application services
  • Cloud service management
  • A’ la carte IT based on client needs

Contact us to schedule an on-site evaluation at no cost to you.

Website Development

Once upon a time businesses only needed a pretty website with good keyword data, getting found was almost a given. As search engine algorithms were tweaked and refined, the demand on your website increased, specifically if you want to be found on page one of the search results. Most users won’t spend much time searching for you on the web, so if you’re not on page one; you’re losing business.

Fire Pixel will specifically build your website for the search engines without compromising the look, feel and user experience by utilizing best practice programming techniques we’ve been developing for years. Fire Pixel assist you in establishing a solid foundation with new website framework or assist you with updating your current website. Already pleased with your current website? We’d be happy to review your current website traffic data and provide website development recommendations. Fire Pixel is able to provide a high level of reliability, affordability and accountability.

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