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Quick guide on how to switch Web Hosting accounts without losing any downtime.

The following instructions will ensure a smooth transition for switching web host providers.

1. The first step is to create an account on

2. After you complete step 1, you’ll have two web hosting accounts, your old one and a new one with Now you need to get the files from your old hosting to your new account. This can be done by using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to connect to your old account and downloading all your files. After that, connect to your new account using FTP and upload all your files. If you need assistance in this, we can help transfer your site over once you provide us with an FTP username & password for your existing host account.

3. When you have all your website files on both hosting accounts you will change your web address DNS (Domain Name System) to the following:

To do this, go to wherever you purchased your domain name (e.g.,, etc…). If you purchased your domain name from your old web host provider you may need to ask them to make the DNS change for you.

If you have any questions, would be more than happy to help you, or even try to make the DNS changes for you.

4. Once your DNS changes have been made you will need to wait 12-72 hours before your website is officially moved.

5. 72 hours should have passed now since you have updated your DNS. If it has you will now contact your old web hosting provider and cancel your account with them.

If you completed all the above steps you have successfully switched to, without losing any downtime!

PLEASE NOTE: any email accounts will need to be re-created on you rnew account AND if you have a database, make sure it's moved and operational before cancelling your old account!


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