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IT Servers & Workstations

Workstation Computers

2 Year Warrenty

Improve your company's productivity with Fire Pixel's high-performance custom workstation computers. Every workstation PC is custom tailored and optimized for your business environment. All custom custom workstation computers built by Fire Pixel include 2 year parts and labor warranty with option to increase term 2-additional years for $150. Our PCs do not rely on proprietary components that can limit upgradability. Fire Pixel uses only brand name components that can be easily upgraded or replaced with off-the-shelf hardware. Interested in receiving a quote? Contact us for workstation build spec recommendations.

Custom Server Builds

To meet changing future requirements, Fire Pixel provides full custom server build and software configuration services to our clients. Our custom servers are built with room for expansion and upgrades to meet your current budget while establishing a solid foundation for future capacity or processing needs. A healthy server plays a major part in whether or not your network is running smoothly and efficiently, custom servers are built and configured specifically to fullfil your requirements and keep your data safe. Contact us to request assistance in determining the best server solution for your business.