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Custom Programming

Fire Pixel has the programming expertise to help transform your ideas from whiteboard to reality. Our programmers can add the bells and whistles to your website that will set you apart from your competition. We can develop a secure login area for your employees or members to log in and access information needed to make everyone’s lives easier.

Fire Pixel’s programming knowledge and understanding enables us to effectively adapt existing open source programming to suit your needs or to build a solution from the ground up. Bring your ideas to us and we’ll help you determine the best path to achieving the goal you’ve set for your website or intranet.

More Than Just a Pretty Website

Many website development companies are skilled at creating pretty websites; others are good at making websites function. With Fire Pixel, you can have your cake and eat it too. Our clients want more for their users, they want them to experience something memorable when they navigate their website. A little additional programming to fade or slide content in place can make an enormous difference in user experience. Fire Pixel will help set your website apart from the competition. See something online you want for your website? Show us and we’ll create a plan to implement it. Take advantage of our high level design and programming capabilities.