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Frequently Asked Questions

From concept to publishing, our team will utilize the latest web technologies to build an online presence for your business. We are flexible in that you can decide your level of invovement in your web project. Lead our team, introduce us to your marketing department or turn the project entirely over to us. Fire Pixel will implement cutting edge branding strategies to keep your message clear and precise. All programming and design is done by our team with over 10 years of working side-by-side in the website developing industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How much does a website cost?
A) The price of your website is determined by assessing the number and type of pages or features your website will have, visit our Website Pricing page for website type and pricing comparison. Ongoing fees include domain registration and website hosting. Your domain (.com) registration will cost $15 per year and our Standard Hosting meets the needs of most small to medium sized business websites, this cost is $88 per year.

Q) Can I make changes to my website?
A) Managing your content is easy by utilizing the CMS (Content Management System). Simply log into your website backend, make changes to text and/or images and save. If you have any major design or function changes you need assistance with, Fire Pixel can perform these updates at a rate of $90/hour with a $45 per update minimum.

Q) How do I drive traffic to my website?
A) Fire Pixel will submit your website to all major search engines and utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make your website easy to find for your target audience. Visit our Website Marketing page for details on achieving traffic and conversion goals you've set for your website.

Q) Can I track my website traffic results?
A) There are many tools available to you to track your website traffic and success, but one of our favorite tools is the free online tool Google Analytics. If you want to set up your own Google Analytics account, all we'll need is the tracking code Google provides to integrate this powerful tool on your website.